12 Reasons A Watch is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Him November 26, 2016 02:17


In honor of the 12 days of Christmas we're putting together a list of 12 reasons to get the gentleman in your life a watch for Christmas. 

Be sure to let us know what you think of #4 in the comments. 

Let's begin...


1. Because he's a true gentleman

A true gentleman knows that his appearance says a lot about him.

Every detail from the shave, to the hair cut, suit, shoes, and spectacles everything is carefully taken care.

Why should the wrist be any different?

If you have a budding gentleman in the house or a seasoned connoisseur rest assured they will be delighted to receive a thoughtful watch as a gift. The right watch compliments their already top notch appearance and character.


2. His style needs an upgrade

Let's face it, not every man knows what type of watch to wear in which situation.

That Casio g-shock he wore to your sisters wedding last year... Probably not the best choice.

Just saying.

It's time he got a classy watch to be worn in all occasions.


3. A watch carries timeless memories

The discerning buyer doesn't just buy any watch - the discerning buyers looks to purchase a timepiece that will carry the memories of the one that wears it.

Each watch has the distinct pleasure of observing the wearers life.

Does the story the watch tells match with the history of the man?


4. He'll finally be on time 

Psychologists David Ellis and Rob Jenkins conducted a study where people who had never worn a watch in their whole life were asked to wear a watch for one month.

Compared to a placebo group and a group who continued to not wear a watch, rather staggeringly, the watch wearing group actually became more punctual and conscientious compared to the non watch wearing groups.

So there you have it: science says watches make people more sensible!

If this concerns you, you can always ask him to take it off when you don't want him to be sensible.


5. It's an extension of his personality

It’s why you love him… he is quirky, manly, funny, or thoughtful.

Whatever his personality, the watch he chooses to wear is an extension of his personality.

The watch you choose to give him expresses the assets you enjoy most about his personality.

Does the watch you give match his personality?


6. It's a great conversation piece

An eye catching watch gets noticed and can be a great ice breaker.

Find a watch that you like that fits that ’story-telling' category and wear it proud!

Of course depending on the design and story of the watch you'll have more to talk about.

There are a lot of great looking and quality watches that get glossed over because they are so similar to what we are used to.

Then there are the watches whose design just begs to be talked about and the story be told.

Let's put it this way... If someone said,'cool watch' would you like to respond with, 'yeah my aunt Jemima got it for me for Christmas'?

OR, say, 'man let me tell you about this watch...'

I don’t know about you but I'm the later.


7. Routine increases productivity

The most successful people have shown the simple act of routinely doing any small task will create triggers in your brain that increase awareness and productivity.

That means when he unwraps the watch on Christmas day it’s the beginning of building the daily routine of putting on his watch.

Just by gifting a watch you’re encouraging positive habits.


8. It's a gift that last for generations

It’s no secret that of the precious heirlooms families pass down to their loved ones watches are on the top of the list.

A quality watch that’s 'seen some stuff’ and been through some experiences with the wearer(s) will stay in the family for generations.

Give a gift that will continue on for decades (maybe centuries).


9. Everyone needs a little more simplicity 

Watches these days have literally 100's of different tools that can be added to them. And they all have the potential to make life a little easier.

Phones can now provide a lot of the features that used to be designated just to watches.

But not with the simplicity of a watch.

Before I owned a watch, pulling my phone out of my trouser pocket on the bus involved me leaning up against the person next to me, to give myself room enough to manoeuvre my hand into my pocket to get my phone out... Just to check the time.


Now that only happens if I want to play Candy Crush.

Remember, your watch does and should tell time and if you can't figure out the time when looking at it... then you probably should pass and get another watch.

This is why when designing the Morveau watch I chose to use actual numbers. Roman numerals look pretty but if I can't take a 2 second look at the watch and tell the time then the watch 'ain't doing its job'.


10. He has empty wrist real-estate

If he’s not wearing a watch - it’s simple… he needs one.


11. Good design inspires

Creating an environment where the best is harnessed is no easy task.

When you have every detailed cared for to provide an inspirational atmosphere it’s easy for a man to be inspired to greatness.

This is where a watch with unique but understated design can really influence this atmosphere.


12. He already has too many cufflinks, wallets and belts 

Let’s face it you got him one of those last year… let’s step it up this year!


So there it is 12 reasons to get him a watch this year for Christmas. 

Maybe you have your own reason you'd like to share feel free to drop it in the comment. 


And if you're looking for a watch to meet your needs this holiday season... we make watches. Check out the Morveau store