A watch for every occasion August 10, 2015 14:42


Original photos by Sara Cimino

Below we’ve categorized some great timepiece options fit for whatever adventure life throws your way.

For the big day

Sporting a new watch to mark a graduation, wedding, or embarkation on a new career or city can be an excellent mile-marker for such a big occasion. Some advice on your selection - choose a timepiece that’s timeless and that you’re sure to wear again and again. After all, it’s a joyous event, one you’ll want to be reminded of often!

Adaptation of original photo by Ryan Hyde  -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: How about a classic face with clean numbering and a leather or metallic band that compliments your personal style?

off the beaten path

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, this one is for you. Sometimes there’s nothing better than being unplugged and surrounded by nature. Choosing a watch that can keep up with you on the trail or in the ocean is crucial. Depending on your outing of choice, suit up with a watch that can handle the elements and a high degree of physical activity.

Adaptation of original photo by Grand Canyon National Park  -   Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: An adventure-ready watch with a cloth or rubber wristband for comfort and flexibility is a great trail mate. For those up for a deep sea adventure, you may want to consider a hardworking diving watch.  

on presentation day

The pressure is on. It’s project presentation day, the morning of the final interview, or dinner with the parents. While it’s tempting to make a bold impression, often understated is best in these scenarios. Think classic silhouettes that exude style, but also speak to your professionalism or character.

Adaptation of original photo by Antony Mayfield  -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: A strong classic or military inspired profile with a clean leather band is a great option. Be sure to check out different numerical fonts from minimal to vivid to compliment your personal style.

on game day

Sunday Funday, the afternoon block party, or tailgating outside your home team’s stadium are all perfect occasions to sport a casual timepiece that speaks to your individuality. There are several options to consider in this category. Pro tip - think about which style will get the most wrist time.

Adaptation of original photo by Texas A&M University  -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: If you’re more of the active type, a crossover between a rugged and casual style could be the right fit. For those indoor cats, how about a clean watch face with a striking leather or cloth band?

aboard your next flight

Is there anything more glamorous than James Bond or a professional pilot jumping from one luxurious destination to the next? Whether you find yourself perpetually on the road or identify with the traveler lifestyle, a pilot or travel watch might be your preferred method of telling time. These watches are characterized by their many mechanical attributes and ability to track time in several time zones.

Adaptation of original photo by kanegen  -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: Pilot or travel inspired watches typically have large faces and metallic wristbands, but you can easily find sleeker options with leather bands if that’s more your speed.

over a plated dinner

Whether it’s a fancy date night, or you scored an invite to the biggest social gala of the year, you cannot go wrong with a solid formal watch. These watches have very clean lines and classic or minimal numbering. Depending on your suit or tux, a black leather, crocodile, or detailed gold band will score you some major style points.

Adaptation of original photo by Steven Depolo  -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: Traditional polished styles immediately come to mind for a formal event. For a little more originality, you may want to consider a  vintage or heirloom piece. They’re a great conversation starter!

there to make a statement

This might be the most fun occasion for a watch wearer. Let’s be honest, a watch isn’t the most necessary part of your wardrobe, but it can be the most striking thing you wear that day. If you’re going out on the town, why not push the envelope? There are thousands of statement watches out there to fit a range of personalities and style preferences.


Adaptation of original photo by Greg Gjerdingen -  Original artwork by Alexis Babaian

Styles to consider: Are vivid colors, unique re purposed materials, or out-of-the-box design elements most important to you? The great thing about statement watches for the individual or collector is not having to adhere to any rules or take yourself too seriously. Have fun with it!