Top 5 Reasons Wearing a Watch is More Important Than You Think March 07, 2016 05:50 5 Comments

It’s the 21st century and it’s no secret that smart phones have made watches nearly obsolete. It seems like when someone asks “What time is it?” we are more likely to pull out the smart phone in our pocket than look at the watch on our wrist.

So, the question begs to be asked, “what is the point of wearing a watch?"

It can be easy to take for granted the rewards that both the form and function of a watch can bring to our everyday lives.

You could argue for style.

You could argue for functionality.

And, you’d be right, because most people use a watch for those purposes. BUT, there’s more to the reasons to wear a watch than just functionality and style. In this post we’re going to dive into some of those reasons. We’re not going to completely abandoned the classic reasons like functionality and style but we’re going to take a deeper dive and see the root behind why those are more important than you may have originally thought.

It’s not just surface level “it looks good” or, “it helps me tell time.” There is more going on… below the surface, in the recesses of our psyche… than we know.

You may have a solid reason to wear a watch but there are some out there that need a little convincing.

So let’s dive into it with reason number 1...


1. Watch Wearers are Scientifically Proven To Be More Punctual And Conscientious

Morveau Ultra-Slim watch for men

Psychologists David Ellis and Rob Jenkins conducted a study where people who had never worn a watch in their whole life were asked to wear a watch for one month; compared to a placebo group and a group who continued to not wear a watch, rather staggeringly, the watch wearing group actually became more punctual and conscientious compared to the non watch wearing groups. So there you have it: science says watches make people more sensible! if this concerns you, you can always take it off when you don't want to be sensible. 

*Since this post was published I've been contacted by the authors of this study with new findings

2. It Can Commemorate Special Occasions/Events- A Reminder on Your Wrist

A watch can be a great commemoration of a significant event: every time you look at that watch, you get an emotional reminder of what that watch means to you by its association with a moment you hold dear and wish to remember. A keepsake to wear all the time (pun intended).
For me, when I think about the Morveau watch it immediately reminds me of the entire process of design and creation and being an entrepreneur. After my brief moments of joy I remember all the pain involved too. But, it was absolutely worth it. I proudly wear my Morveau as a reminder of the fortitude it takes to be an entrepreneur.
This kind of time/event and object association immediately reminds me of totems (Inception anyone?). What’s your totem? 

3. It's A Conversation Waiting to Happen

An eye catching watch gets noticed and can be a great ice breaker. 
Of course depending on the design and story of the watch you'll have more to talk about. 
There are a lot of great looking and quality watches that get glossed over because they are so similar to what we are used to.
Then there are the watches whose design just begs to be talked about and the story be told. 
Let's put it this way... If someone said,'cool watch' would you like to respond with 'yeah my aunt Jemima got it for me for Christmas' or say 'man let me tell you about this watch...'
I don’t know about you but I'm the later.
Find a watch that you like that fits that ’story telling' category and wear it proud!

4. It's An Indispensible Tool for Making Life Easier

Watches these days have literally 100's of different tools that can be added to them. And they all have the potential to make life a little easier. Phones can now provide a lot of the features that used to be designated just to watches- but not with the simplicity of a watch- before I owned a watch, pulling my phone out of my trouser pocket on the bus involved me leaning up against the person next to me, to give myself room enough to manoeuvre my hand into my pocket to get my phone out... Just to check the time. Awkward. Now that only happens if I want to play Candy Crush.

This is why when designing the Morveau watch I chose to use actual numbers. Roman numerals look pretty but if I can't take a 2 second look at the watch and tell the time then the watch 'ain't doing its job'.
Remember, your watch does and should tell time and if you can't figure out the time when looking at it... then you probably should pass and get another watch. 

5. It's An Extension of Your Personality/ Style

Watches give us the opportunity to express who we are. A little bit of how we see ourselves wrapped around our wrist.
A watch can be a little piece of how you choose to express yourself… BUT it’s also an indicator to women of our perceived value… So choose wisely...
Style Girlfriend blog did a guest post on Real Men Real Style (a must visit for men’s fashion know-how) about this exact topic. Check it out
What it boils down to… wear a watch that show’s your personality and character but try and upgrade with your age.
So if you’ve been rocking the same watch for the past 10 years... it’s time for a change. 


A watch that's right for you can do so much more than just tell you the time. It can impact on your life in ways you may never have even thought of. For me personally, mine makes me more responsible and it's not only useful in loads of situations but it helps me a little along the way to expressing myself too. 
Tell us how your watch has influenced your everyday life, we’d love to here from you down in the comments.  

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