How a Watch Can Make a Man More Confident August 31, 2015 06:06

A cool confident man isn’t just born: he is cultivated over time and once armed with the proper armor at his disposal, there is no turning back. To wit, the old adage ‘the clothes make the man’ may be true, but what cannot be omitted from menswear guidelines is the ability of carefully selected accessories that can elevate a man’s overall look.

clothes maketh man

 "The clothes make the man"


A great watch is a great work of art, a product of intense engineering infused with fashion. How you choose one speaks volumes about your personal tastes and attention to details. Once you have discovered the perfect watch(es) to add to your collection, your road to cool, confident man status is all but assured.

sophisticated watch collection


Watches may not be necessary in the present digital age we now live in, but no men’s accessory packs as much of a sartorial punch. With such a current sea of bare arms on concrete jungles these days, make a lasting impression by finding the perfect watch to project an image that exudes class, strength, and confidence.


A distinctive watch is one area where you can stand out amongst your peers and with so many options to choose from - leather to pocket watches, chains to braided options – you can convey any look at any given time. Selecting the right watch allows you the versatility to display your personality in winning style. The best watches help you achieve a singular style by allowing you the freedom to add to your personal collection and connect with anyone you encounter.


With the price range for watches so expansive, you want a watch that is classic in look, but versatile enough to be worn at nearly any occasion, from the workplace to an informal social event. A watch is similar to a great suit: when you own one, your level of confidence is even more complete, with an unspoken appreciation from others given to you by respecting your attention to the finest details.

Morveau watch

We just so happen to make a classic looking watch... just saying...


As a final word, avoid watches that prominently feature ‘bling’ as you don’t want one that distracts and takes attention away from the focal point, which should be you and the credentials you bring to the table. A great watch can differentiate you from the young boy with aspirations of strength and the man on the cusp of greatness. Choose your watch wisely and rise in the ranks across the board.

Bling bling

 Don't do it...


How has your watch made you more confident?