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Watches Made from Airplane Aluminum

About Us

It’s simple.

We wanted to make a unique watch.

So we took high performance aluminum and put it in a wristwatch.

Currently we’re putting this in your watch.

Vintage Airplane

But be on the lookout for future high performance machines in your watch.


Space Shuttle

Macbook Air

Vintage Cars


We’re a worldwide brand literally operating off laptops between countries.

Working on Airplane

We pride ourselves in embracing the worldwide economy and a citizenship of the world mentality.

If you have an address we ship to you. FOR FREE! (no exceptions or fine print)

Hey I’m Luke.

The creator of Morveau Watch Co.

Surprised Luke

Currently, I’m the only full time team member at Morveau.

You’ll probably notice the use of “we” and “our” on this page. That’s because there is a network of suppliers, freelancers, advisors, and (of course) you the customer that this company could not exist without.

Let me tell you a little more about our story...

Our story starts with a crazy idea for a watch that was made almost entirely of reclaimed aluminum.

Why aluminum?

We were intrigued that many tech products were using aluminum in their design. But when we looked around very few other areas of design were using this fascinating metal.

Which was wild because aluminum literally has a story to tell.

Aluminum is the most recycled/reused metal in the world. That means the aluminum in a Morveau watch lived a full life before becoming a watch. Each piece could have been expertly crafted by a master artisan into a statue in the 19th century or an airplane during a tide changing campaign in WWII.

We wanted to embrace the incredible stories that this metal has to tell within the design of the Morveau watch. This mix of a historied past with new and elegant design is perfect for our wearers who are stylish people looking to live a history worth retelling.

In order to get the word out about this crazy new idea we started a crowdfunding campaign in July of 2015.

We chose Indiegogo to launch our campaign.

Morveau Indiegogo Success

$85,000 later we had morphed from cool idea into full fledged watch company.

Your support is really the backbone of our success.

Not only did you buy into our cool idea for a unique watch made from airplane aluminum but you also bought into our theory.

Our Theory...


We had a theory about what a watch should be. Yes it should be affordable, yes it should be stylish, and versatile. But more than that… a watch should blend perfectly into my lifestyle and it should challenge me to a greater lifestyle. So when we set out to create a watch we wanted it to be aspirational; at its core to be... evocative. We wanted to create a brand that represented these ideals. A brand that stood behind our customers and pushed them to greater heights.

This stunning timepiece was built on a desire for excellence. Seeking excellence in developing the Morveau brand took form in 3 unique yet conjoined requirements.

We require that the watch is of the highest quality, the purchasing decision is a complete experience, and the brand is evocative for the customer.

Quality: When designing (and then ultimately building) the watch we spared no expense. Only the finest parts should be used. This is why we insisted on the top of the line aircraft grade aluminum. That’s why there’s a Japanese Miyota movement inside the watch keeping impressively reliable time. Finally, that’s why we obsessed over every little detail in the build process, sending samples back multiple times until every aspect was perfect. Nothing less than the best would do for our watch.

Experience: When you make a decision to purchase a watch you become emotionally attached to that decision. It is the brand's responsibility to make your purchasing decision the best decision you could have made in that moment. Our burden is to ensure that when you purchase our watch it is a fully developed experience from before to after the purchase. Meaning that you receive assistance before your purchase, ease within the purchase, and lifetime customer service after you are a Morveau brand owner.  

Evocative: You want to achieve greatness. We want to help you achieve greatness. Our desire is that the Morveau brand would evoke a sense of adventure and purpose in your journey.

If you have any questions about the Morveau watch or want to learn more about the brand and it’s history send Morveau’s creator, Luke Francis, a message at or drop us a tweet